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GTA V puts on its L.A. Noire fedora

by: Randy -
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On any given day, Other Places is my favorite video series. Taking a meditative look at video game environments has made me reinstall more games than any gameplay sizzle reel from a developer or advertorial (disclosed or undisclosed) from excitable YouTubers. But I'm not here to tell you to get off my lawn.

I'm here to chill in Grand Theft Auto V's Los Santos ... in black and white ... made to look like L.A. Noire ... with that gorgeously composed theme song, all smoky and brassy, done up in a light rainstorm, with lots of nighttime shots, and lots of puddles. So good.

In case you missed it, Grand Theft Auto V (GN score: Perfect) launched September 17, 2013. And L.A. Noire was on May 17, 2011. GTA V finally started showing up on sales. And L.A. Noire has been in the bargain bin for quite some time.