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August 2nd is when you can pick up an Xbox One S

by: John -
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If you've been drooling after the smaller, more compact Xbox One S with the new controller that's both Bluetooth and Wifi, you won't have too much longer to wait. Microsoft has announced that the Xbox One S will be on sale for $399 on August 2nd.

The 2TB version will retail for $399 while the 1TB will be coming in at $349. If you want the least expensive Xbox One S, the 500GB version will also be available for $299.

Those just wanting the new controller, they will be on sale for $59.99. It will also be on sale on August 2nd.

The Xbox One S is a nice slim version of the console, but will people flock to it knowing that Project Scorpio is coming next year? It is a ways away, but knowing a more powerful Xbox One can be had in the next 18 months, could the news affect the sales of the Xbox One S?

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