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EVO 2016: Tournament results (Saturday)

by: Russell -
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Below are the results of the main tournaments that finished up today at EVO 2016.  At some point tomorrow I'll make a separate post about the tournaments that finish up tomorrow.  Also remember that Street Fighter V will be broadcasted on ESPN 2 tomorrow evening.

Super Smash Bros. Wii U:

  • WINNER'S FINALS: Ally (Mario) d. Kamemushi (Mega Man, Cloud) 3-0
  • LOSER'S FINALS: Kamemushi (Mega Man) d. TSM|ZeRo (Diddy Kong, Sheik) 3-0
  • GRAND FINALS: Ally (Mario) d. Kamemushi (Yoshi, Mega Man) 3-1

Tekken 7: Fated Retribution

  • WINNER'S FINALS: Saint (JACK-7) d. Secret|Poongko (Akuma) 3-0
  • LOSER'S FINALS: Knee (Bryan) d. Secret|Poongko (Akuma) 3-0
  • GRAND FINALS: Saint (JACK-7) d. Knee (Bryan) 3-2

Pokken Tournament:

  • WINNER's FINALS: Buntan (Suicune) d. Tonosama (Braixen) 3-2
  • LOSER'S FINALS: Tonosama (Braixen) d. Swillo (Mewtwo) 3-1
  • GRAND FINALS: Tonosama (Braixen) d. Buntan (Suicune) 3-1 (Bracket Reset)
  • GRAND FINALS 2: Tonosama (Braixen) d. Buntan (Suicune) 3-1

Killer Instinct:

  • WINNER'S FINALS: F3|Sleep (Arbiter, Gargos) d. UA|Bass (Spinal) 3-1
  • LOSER'S FINALS: UA|Bass (Cinder, Spinal) d. BH|SeaDragon (Aria, Hisako) 3-1
  • GRAND FINALS: F3|Sleep (Arbiter, Gargos) d. UA|Bass (Cinder, Spinal) 3-1