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Freya gets a makeover in the newest SMITE patch

by: Nathan -
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SMITE is getting a new patch next week and is bringing in tons of new skins and a remodel for one of the games oldest characters. 

This is something I have been waiting a long time for. My favorite character in the game Freya, is getting a visual reworking and she looks amazing. Freya has gotten a complete visual overhaul with a brand new in game model and some updated effects as well. Her recolor, her tier 2 skin and her mastery skins have also been given the upgrade as well. 

The next items in the Summer of SMITE promotion will also be releasing with the "Land Shark" Sobek skin, which basically turns the crocodile himself into a Shark and the "Challenger" Nu Wa skins, which are beach volleyball themed skins. There will also be a second beach volleyball skin called "Ace" Nu Wa and these two skins will be available together in a bundle. The Nu Wa skin bundle will be available on July 26th. 

Finally, Artemis and Odin will get their tier 2 skins and Fafnir will get his mastery skins. 

For the full list of changes in the newest patch, including all the buffs, nerfs, and changes (RIP power pots) be sure to check out either SMITE's official website, or SMITE's official Reddit.

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