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EVO 2016 has begun

by: Russell -
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For fighting game fans, this weekend means a lot of Twitch viewing as EVO 2016 is underway.  However, if you plan to catch all of the action, you're going to need a lot of bandwidth as EVO is streaming on six channels this weekend, including srkevo1 through srkevo4, CapcomFighters, and Tekken.  Also keep in mind that ESPN 2 will be broadcasting the Street Fighter V finals this Sunday evening.

For more info, head on over to Shoryuken, plus you can check out the streaming schedule below.  All times are in PDT, and strangely the Tekken stream isn't shown on the list, though since it's probably all Tekken all the time (with only a couple of hours on srkevo1), that may be why.  You know, redundancy is redundant or something like that.


EVO Schedule