A new species is blooming in the first Species Pack for Stellaris

by: Aidan -
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Salutations Dictators, Emperors, Republics and Oligarchies! Paradox have announced that the first Species Pack will become available for sale next month, Augest 4th. The Species pack will give players new phenotypes to play as. Here's a link to all the current phenotypes available in Stellaris. The first species pack is called Plantoids and yep, you guessed it, will introduce sentient plant life to the universe. Much like the other races in the universe the Plantoids have evolved and are ready to enter the galactic community. Included in the first Species Pack are fifteen new portraits, an original cityscape backdrop and new ship models. If you don't want to wait that long to get another Stellaris fix, check out the e-book Stellaris: Infinite Frontiers by Steven Savile or check out the original sound track.