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Kotaku hypocrisy exposed? Nope, they just suck at embargoes.

by: Chuck -
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We've already talked about the Sony/Kotaku drama that went down last week so it was a bit surprising to read Penny Arcade today and see that Kotaku has removed an article talking about some of the new features in Fable 2.  A chunk of the story was reprinted at GamePro which is re-quoted in this NeoGaf thread (GamePro has since removed the article at Microsoft's request).  I read the segment when it went through my feed reader yesterday  and didn't think anything of it (just more Molyneux hype) but the article has since been removed from the site.

This raises an interesting question, why did Kotaku kill the story about a Microsoft product and not kill the one about a Sony product?  This looks really, really bad from a journalistic perspective and you have to wonder why Kotaku would martyr themselves for one company and not the other. 

Update: We just heard from MS and were reminded that there's a difference between and embargo and a rumor.  Looks like Kotaku just forgot to read the fine print.
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