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Hotline Miami is making the jump from the gaming world to the comics

by: Jeremy -
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The development team over at Dennaton Games have made quite a name for their selves with the Hotline Miami series. Beyond the gore and “flash” of the series, they have created experiences with fantastic gameplay and a dark, twisted tale. The series is now making the jump to the pages of the comic book world thanks to Dayjob Studio.

Hotline Miami: Wildlife is now available for purchase online through Dayjob's website. The new series is being written by Federico Chemello and Maurizio Furini and the artwork is being handled by Alberto Massaggia. Based on the story that was started in Hotline Miami 2, this 8-issue series spins off an original story in the same universe. This dark tale will take fans to variety of new locales and introduce new characters but hold onto the twisted themes that the games have founded.