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It's a double everything weekend for SMITE as their huge summer update goes live

by: Nathan -
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SMITE has gotten a huge update and have also kicked off a new event for the summer and it's starting this weekend with a Double Everything weekend for people playing in parties. When playing in a party of 2 or more people you will earn double XP, double worshipers and double favor.

Also starting is the huge Summer of SMITE event where exclusive in game skins and rewards will be available. In this event, every item you buy will earn you points towards bonus rewards. For instance, if you buy two of the Summer of SMITE items, you will get a free Tropical Paradise loading frame. As of now, "Rock-a-Bellona" Bellona is the only item available to purchase but more items will be available each week from now until August 16th. Buying an item will also earn you a free Treasure Chest roll which can earn you additional skins, ward skins, voice packs, icons and more. For all the information on the Summer of Smite event, be sure to check out their official website.

Several gods have also been given new passive abilities and thank god for that because most of these gods have had pretty weak passives up until now. Here are the new ones

Aphrodite – Center of Attention - Aphrodite gains 4 Physical Protections and 4 Magical Protections for each friendly and enemy god within 70 units of her. Stacks up to nine times.

Guan Yu - Painless - Each time Guan Yu deals or receives damage he gains a stack. Stacks are gained from minions and gods. At max stacks the next ability used will have a boosted effect.

Ne Zha - Righteous Spirit - Ne Zha gains stacks from successful Basic Attack and ability hit, and 2x stacks from Critical Hits. Each stack provides him with .5% crit chance. Stacks are lost after being out of combat for 5s.

Odin - Path to Valhalla - Whenever any god dies on the battleground, Odin gains 10% movement speed and 10% power for 10s. This buff can stack up to five times.

Vulkin - Master Craftsman - Whenever Vulcan successfully hits an enemy god with an ability he gains +15 MP5 and 15% Movement Speed for 5s.

Not only were there new passives but there were also a ton of item changes along with a bunch of new items added to the game. It's a huge list so be sure to check out the latest patch notes for all of the changes. 

Finally, a new god, Erlang Shen, a new Chinese warrior has been added to the game and man, it looks like Sun Wukong is getting a run for his money as this new warrior also has the same 72 transformation ability that he does and can transform into a mink or a turtle. As a turtle he knocks up enemy gods and gains a shield. As a mink he stops the first enemy he runs into and gains additional attack speed. For a full rundown of all of Erlang Shen's abilities, be sure to check out the official god release video.


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