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Cunning Stunts for Grand Theft Auto V gets me all pumped up

by: John -
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One of my all time favorite games was Whiplash, or Fatal Racing for those abroad. A racing gaming by Gremlin Interactive, it features crazy tracks and intense racing action. I played it a megaton back in college. If you've never seen the game, check out this video.

A free update to Grand Theft Auto V coming on July 12 evokes many memories of that. It'll be for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Sorry PS3 and Xbox 360 owners, it won't be coming to you.

The free DLC will add a racing component with out of this world tracks along with new vehicles. The tracks feature some really awesome features such as tubes, jumps, and rotating obstacles. It looks really, really fun and will give owners a new way to play the game. Yeah, it looks like I'll be re-installing Grand Theft Auto V over the weekend in preparation for this one.