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SMITE's Summer of SMITE event heats up with a new trailer

by: Nathan -
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Summer is an full swing and the Summer of SMITE event is about to begin. The Summer of SMITE is like a mini Odyssey event in which each week a new skin or item will be available to purchase. Buying a certain number of items can earn you free bonus rewards and if you buy all of the items available, you will be able to obtain a special rare and exclusive skin.

This years event will include new skins for Nu Wa, Bellona, Sobek, Khepri and Medusa. The mermaid Medusa skin will be an exclusive skin which can only be obtained by buying all of the items that will be available during the promotion. Probably with other exclusive skins in events like this, the skin will most likely never be available again after the event ends. 

Check out the trailer below which features four of the skins that will be available for the event and a first look at concept art of the Medusa skin. There will also be other items and skins available for the event that haven't been announced yet. 

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