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Stellaris update 1.2 Asimov and hotfix 1.2.1 have dropped. New systems, border and diplomacy diplomacy mechanics

by: Aidan -
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Paradox have dropped update 1.2 Asimov and hotfix 1.2.1 for Stellaris. It has some interesting new features. For instance players can now enter an empires borders until closed by diplomatic actions. Also included are new nomadic fleets and varied population factions. Also, the Borg have been updated, rejoice! If you don't want to get the new update, simply switch to 1.1.0 branch on Steam. Here's a quick list of the changes in the new update:


  • Colonising planets and building outposts now costs influence
  • Embassies are replaced by building long-term relationships with other empires via trustworthy actions.
  • Diplomacy interface includes additional actions, options and diplomatic incidents.
  • Additional changes to various ethics, government types, reworked slave factions and end game crisis boost.


  • removed embassies and replaced it with trust
  • borders are now open to everyone by default
  • diplomatic incidents added to enrich mid-game content
  • new war goals added
  • new defensive pact option

Improved visuals

  • solar systems received new backgrounds
  • fleet behavior improved for better looking space battles
  • 3 new map modes and increased support for mods

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