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South Park: The Fractured But Whole will provide an unedited South Park experience

by: Aidan -
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In a recent interview Senior Producer Jason Schoeder said that South Park creators are heavily involved in the development of the game. Matt Stone and Trey Parker have daily calls with Schoeder, and they usually meet a few times a month to hash out details.

"they truly make each episode of South Park in just six days. It’s from that pressure that they get their really relevant, really timely jokes. The video game cycle, by comparison, is brutally long for them.”

Schoeder's aim is to provide fans with an unedited Stone and Parker experience in the new South Park game. An episode of South Park takes six days to make meaning the jokes are still relevant. The developers don't have such an opportunity with the video game. So the challenge is deciding what should be a gag, and whether it fits the experience the creators want players to have. 

“There’s hopefully going to be some stuff in there that people will say ‘how did that make it through classification?'”

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