Get a look at several new Pokemon in the new (English version) trailer

by: Chapel -
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Over the last few days, some information about several new Pokemon in Pokemon: Sun and Moon has been revealed, but until today none of it was in English. But now the same trailer has been translated, and in it are several surprisingly interesting Pokemon, since most of them seem to be ones you'll be able to acquire early on.

  • Tapu Koko - Electric and Fairy
  • Grubbin->Charjabug->Vikavolt - Bug and Electric
  • Drampa - Dragon and Normal
  • Bruxish - Water and Psychic
  • Cutiefly - Bug and Fairy
  • Togedemaru - Electric and Steel

Oddly heavy on the Electric Pokemon, but aside from that, just these six Pokemon make for, at least type-wise, a pretty decently balanced team all on their own.

You can, of course, watch the trailer for yourself below to get a much closer look at the Pokemon themselves.