Sega commissions Sonic street art

by: Sean Colleli -
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Sonic Team recently promised that yes, the speedy blue hedgehog would be getting a new game in 2017. Sadly that leaves 2016, his 25th anniversary year, a bit fallow. Sega is still celebrating though, with events like this Sonic street art painted in Los Angeles by David Flores.

It's an evocative take on the iconic mascot, but some fans in the video's Youtube comments are (half-jokingly) worrying because the blue blur has blue arms. Sharp-eyed readers will recall that blue arms on Sonic was one of the artistic choices taken by the much-reviled Sonic Boom spinoff series. Whether this street art is just a stylistic choice or an indication of future games is unknown, but I don't think fans have to worry too much until Sega starts asking Mr. Flores to paint Sonic with copious amounts of athletic tape.