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Ubisoft takes you underground in the first expansion pack for The Division

by: Chuck -
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Some of the best levels from The Division were the missions that took place underneath New York.  The levels were dark, claustrophobic, and are some of the most intense and exciting levels of the game.

Ubi is hoping that's what players like that content as the first expansion pack is called The Underground.  In the pack you will be fighting a new branch of the Cleaners in their home turf in the sewers and subway tracks below the city.  The pack includes a host of new missions, new loot, and new gear for you to check out.

The pack will be out for Xbox One players on June 28th with PS4 players gaining access to the pack on August 2nd.  If you want more details on the pack be sure to check out this launch video so you can see and hear what Ubi has in store for you.

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