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Balrog is releasing alongside Ibuki in the story mode update for Street Fighter V. Plus get your first look at Juri and Urien

by: Nathan -
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CEO 2016 has come and gone and the next stop EVO 2016 in a few weeks, but before that, CAPCOM gave us an update into the next big content drop for Street Fighter V. At the end of the event, CAPCOM dropped a new trailer and revealed the long awaited Balrog. What's great about the reveal was the fact that Balrog will also be arriving in the Story Mode update which will also include Ibuki. 

Then we got one hell of a tease as both Juri and Urien were revealed, and they look great. However.... there is some... unrest in the community. 

The most important thing here was we finally got answers to those burning questions that everyone has been asking for months. I have been on numerous Street Fighter boards for months and this was always a topic of major conversation. Discussion threads would reach 50+ pages. Reddit threads would reach thousands of replies because we had to know these two very important questions. 

1. Will Juri be wearing shoes?

2. Will Urien be wearing that glorious Speedo? 

Well it seems there was a trade off. We got barefoot Juri again, but we lost the Speedo. Shame. Hopefully it returns as either his alternate or premium attire. I'm sure there is a change.org petition to give Urien back his Speedo right now. I'll be signing it as soon as I can. 

That's not it though as CAPCOM wanted to provide even more content for this update. Balrog's premium and story costume will also come with the update as well as a revival of the classic Las Vegas stage from Street Fighter 2. Finally, The Kanzuki Family Private Beach will be arriving as a brand new battle stage and can be bought for 70,000 fight money. Karin will also get a "premium summer costume" for $3.99  

Ibuki, Balrog, and the story mode update will launch on July 1st.