E3 2016 Interview: Warhammer 40K- Inquisitor Martyr

by: Jeremy -
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E3 2016 is long over and we sort of wrapped things up today with our picks of the games that caught our eyes during the show. We still have a few more interviews to push out throughout today before we completely call the coverage a wrap.

The first out the door is a chat with Viktor Juhasz of Neocore Games. He was kind enough to give us a deep explanation of what fans can expect from the new Warhammer 40K title. This new action-RPG has an open world / sandbox setting which allows players to fully explore the world of Warhammer 40K like never before. As Viktor discusses, the development team’s biggest challenge was merging the accessibility of modern action-RPG games with the strict rules that drive the Warhammer world. The game is releasing for the PC in 2017 and will be coming at a later date to both the Xbox One and PS4.