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Sony and the Kotaku drama queens

by: Chuck -
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By now everyone has heard about the Kotaku v. Sony drama that transpired last week.  If you haven't then you can head over to Kotaku and see what all went down.  It will take a bit so I'll wait while you read up on what went down.

This is certainly another huge black eye for Sony and there's no real way for anyone to defend what they were planning on doing.  Sony stepped way over the line by threatening to pull support from Kotaku.  I'm not going to defend Sony but the real question I have is why make this public?  Why did Kotaku publish private correspondence instead of trying to work out the situation offline?  Was it to embarrass Sony?  Were they trying to use public opinion to get Sony to back track on their position?  Or were they trying to up their hit count for the month?  Ad based sites thrive off of traffic and drama like this brings the hits in droves.  Do I think this is the case?  Probably not, Brian Crecente seems to be one of the few bloggers with more than one iota of integrity but I question the need to make drama like this public as it makes everyone look bad.
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