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E3 2016: Here is 12 minutes of Persona 5 gameplay from Gamespot

by: Nathan -
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I was a little sad to see that Sony showed off absolutely nothing about Persona 5 during their press conference except for a shot of Igor during their closing montage that lasted a whopping 1 second. 

Anyways, Atlus is at E3 this week showing off Persona 5 and they had a special presentation there showing off the game. 

The following is 12 minutes of off screen Persona 5 gameplay from Gamespot showing off a variety of things you can do from day to night including going to school, hanging out with friends, getting a part time job, going to a bath house and the some dungeon crawling to cap it off. 

I really didn't think it were possible to get any more hyped for this game than I already am but damnit, February 2017 seems so far away now. 

Video courtesy of Gamespot

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