E3 2016: Skylanders Imaginators - Impressions

by: Matt -
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After the death of Disney Infinity figures earlier this year, I was kind of wondering if Skylanders was going to get an update this year. But Activision gave me a quick look at Skylander Imaginators this past weekend, along with the new series of figures coming out this October. This time around, players get to let their imaginations run wild and create their own Skylanders using Imaginator Crystals, which players can purchase. Get ready to shell out though, as there's one crystal per element, in addition to 31 Sensei figures. But let's talk more about Kaos, his Doomlanders, and the Skylanders you'll be creating to face him.


Creating a character can be a laborious endeavor, or a quick few tweaks on a randomly generated Skylander. By placing an Imaginator Crystal on the Portal of Power, users are taken to a menu that features plenty of customization options. Body parts, voice samples, weapons, and gear, there's literally a hundred jumping off points, and from there the character you create is limited only by the number of pieces you unlock. Throughout the game, you can find treasure chests, or complete mini-games to unlock other options for your Skylander. Find something you really dig? You can switch out new parts on the fly, or give your Skylander a new catch-phrase. Even as pieces are falling off Doomlanders mid-fight, you can equip those new pieces. Have a Sensei figure of the same type as your Imaginator crystal? You'll unlock new skills for your Skylander to use.

The Sensei figures come with their own suite of powers as well, including Sky-chi moves, special attacks that pretty much clear the screen of all enemies. The 31 Sensei characters also contain some previous enemies, like Golden Queen, and Wolfgang, to go along with newcomers like Kingpin and Ember. Each Sensei character that you add to your collection will also increase the level cap of your Imaginator. You can also use Trap Team figures for the racing mode that makes a return.

If you're a Skylanders fan that has always dreamed of creating your own perfect Skylander, then Imaginators is going to be your jam. The game is asking for players to have some deep pocketbooks this time around though, but the gameplay variety that this game is going to offer is looking deeper than any other game in the series to date.