E3 2016: Rocksteady is doing an Arkham VR game for the PlayStation 4

by: John -
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So much for Rocksteady not doing another Arkahm game. At Sony's E3 press conference, they showed a teaser for Batman Arkham VR. Being developed by Rocksteady and exclusively for the PlayStation 4, you'll experience a Batman game in virtual reality with the PSVR setup. 

So, what's it going to be? The Joker's voice in it so it could be taking place before the Arkham City. I don't think I would like another story having the Joker be a part of my mind like it was in Arkham Knight. Maybe they can go back to the Asylum for this one.

Whatever it maybe, let's hope Rocksteady can right the ship that sunk a little with Arkham Knight.