E3 2016: CD Projekt announces Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

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It looks like the rumors were true as CD Projekt formally announced Gwent: The Witcher Card Game today.  The card game was part of The Witcher 3 and proved to be so popular that CD Projekt is releasing it as a stand alone game.

The game is a bit similar to Hearthstone in that it's a collectible card game but there is the ability to bluff and there's a bit more strategy to the game.  Honestly I skipped everything Gwent in the game as playing cards with NPC's took time away from completing quests and leveling up my character.  If you're really interested in learning how to play you can check out this video or the official website for the game where you can also register for the beta.

In GWENT, gamers clash with their friends in fast-paced duels that combine bluffing, on-the-fly decision making and careful deck construction. The game is played over a best-of-three series of rounds, as players unleash their hand by slinging spells and diverse units with special abilities and use clever tricks to deceive their opponents.

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“I would like to thank all the fans for supercharging us to make standalone GWENT happen. Thousands of e-mails in dozens of languages coming from all around the world, the phone calls, the forum posts, and more than 40 fan made versions – all this, and everything in between, didn’t go unnoticed,” said Marcin Iwiński, CD PROJEKT co-founder. “Yes, we were mysteriously quiet after the launch of The Witcher 3, but during all this time we were hard at work on what we just unveiled today – GWENT: The Witcher Card Game. We’ve taken all that heart and energy you gave us and put it into GWENT,” continues Iwiński. "If you enjoyed GWENT in The Witcher 3, I think I don’t have to convince you to sign-up for the beta. If you hadn’t tried it yet, there’s no better time. Go register, play the beta for free starting from September and share your feedback with us. Tell us what you like, and what you don’t. Tell us what we should change or improve. We made this game for you, so let’s shape it together."

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Available at release for Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4, GWENT is a free-to-play game that puts you, not your cards, in the center of the action.

WELCOME TO GWENT - Deck Building
Become a master cardsmith and battle friends from around the world!

Pick your side -- command 5 different factions: the mighty Nilfgaardian Empire, proud Skellige, brutal Monsters, cunning Northern Realms or shadowy Scoia’tael.
Build your deck -- collect new cards and deploy armies full of versatile units, unique heroes and rule-flipping cards that summon fog to blind your opponent’s archers or call down dragon fire to destroy their strongest units.
Craft new cards -- break down unwanted cards and craft new ones to build an ever-evolving deck.
If you can’t overpower your enemy, make sure you know how to outsmart them!

Force their hand -- with limited cards per game, lure your opponent into draining their resources!
Lose the battle, win the war -- win the entire game by learning how to cleverly lose a round.
Hold the line -- play your cards across three rows, infantry, ranged and siege, and build a formation to counter your opponent’s strategy.
Embark on a story-driven single player journey, or just play online for fun, fame and glory!

Story Campaign -- lead mighty armies during prominent events straight from The Witcher universe.
Friendly Matches -- test your deck, try out new strategies, or just show off your collection of rare, animated cards.
Ranked Matches -- rise through player-driven divisions and advance to the Pro League.