E3 2016: Todd Howard shows off whats new for all things Fallout

by: John -
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Confirming a leak earlier today, Bethesda will be releasing a Contraptions Workshop next week for Fallout 4. Build some Rube Goldberg style contraptions for your settlement or give your place an elevator for those who don't want to take stairs. Settlements should get a nice visual upgrade with new features with Contraptions.

Finally, we'll be able to build a vault with DLC 5, the Vault Tec Workshop. Test on the dwellers and make a vault that you can oversee. It even looks like there's a Fallout Shelter view coming with the DLC.

Afterwards, you'll be visiting Nuka World for what will be the third quest DLC coming to Fallout 4.

Speaking of Fallout Shelter, the game's coming to the PC and there will be a nice big update as well. A new combat system and sending your dwellers on quest are two of the new features coming soon.

All told, some great updates will be coming to Fallout 4 and Fallout Shelter and I can't wait.

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