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Capcom drops TONS of info on the story mode update and plans for the future of Street Fighter V

by: Nathan -
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Okay, Capcom, you are officially forgiven. After the whole fiasco with Ibuki being revealed and then immediately delayed, a lot of people in the Street Fighter community were annoyed to say the least. However, I feel like all has been forgiven as Capcom has stated that they want to give the community more updates as to what's going on with the game going forward. Well, they did just that as Capcom has released a very lengthy update about this months Street Fighter V update including Story Mode, Ibuki, the in game store, and future content. 

First of all, the Story Mode update for Street Fighter V will launch at the end of this month. The story titled "A Shadow Falls", bridges the gap between Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter III. The story mode will be about 3-4 hours long and won't just be simple pictures they used for the character stories. This story mode looks like it's up to the quality you see in the Mortal Kombat games will full animation and voice, and it looks beautiful. 

The other bit of news is that Ibuki will be released with the Story Mode update. The best piece of news about the story mode however, is that ALL of the DLC characters will be fully playable. That also includes Balrog, Juri and Urien who have not yet been released. Capcom stresses however that the unreleased characters are NOT final and are nowhere near tournament play ready as they still need tons of polish and balance done to them. Either way, that is huge because you are essentially getting to demo all of said characters for free. Looks like I won't have to wait as long for my main Juri to return! 

Also mentioned in the post is that the in game store will go live with the June update and they have changed the way in game transactions will work. Before they were going to use a currency called "Zenny", which I assume would have been a system where for $9.99 you would get 1,000 Zenny or whatever the hell the conversion rate was going to be. To simplify things, they are just going to use really currency from here on out. You can also purchase the content in the game for free with the in game currency "Fight Money".

Here is what the content will cost from here on out...

  • New Characters - 100,000 Fight Money or $5.99
  • New Stages - 70,000 Fight Money or $3.99
  • Alternate Stages - 40,000 Fight Money or $1.99
  • Story Costumes - 40,000 Fight Money or $1.99
  • Premium Costumes - $3.99

Starting with this update, the "Battle Costumes" for every character released so far will also be available. Those will most likely fall under "Premium Costumes" and can only be bought with real money. 

Finally, Capcom gave us a brief update on future content coming to the game. A daily challenge type system called "Targets" will be available and will provide players an opportunity to earn Fight Money to buy in game content. Lastly, Capcom says that some new single player content including a Vs. CPU mode and Extra Battle are also in the works. 

The story mode update launches at the end of June.