First gameplay trailer for Conan Exiles is all about sand, structures, executions

by: Randy -
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UPDATE: Conan Exiles Early Access kicks off on Steam in three months, on September 13.

Here's the first gameplay trailer for open-world survival genre Conan Exiles. There's a lot to see in the video.

We see characters walking ankle-deep in the sand and leaving white footprints—which is more believable for snow than sand, to be honest. The first two characters we see show off similar armor sets, but made to fit separate male and female character models. The architecture has that samey, copy-pasted look, which is a believable look since players will be building their own structures on the sand. Hope it's not too much work, though, because one flaming arrow and a bowling-pin setup of explosive pots will annihilate an entire wall of your structure. The dust storm looks wicked. No doubt, visibility is going to be hosed if you run out into one of those. Cool sticks and stones armor and weapons. The steel armor and weapons look far less interesting, but will obviously be superior in durability and damage output. Water is going to be a survival issue, especially when you see that sun beating down and you're nowhere near the river.

Chop trees. Chip rocks. Build sandstone buildings. Destroy sandstone buildings. Crucify people? Summon snake gods? Cut all the way through people's torsos like butter. Conan Exiles, ladies and gentlemen!

All of this information flies in the face of Landmark (formerly EverQuest Next Landmark) with a launch date of—oh gosh, Landmark launches tomorrow? Landmark is going for a very quiet rollout, it appears. But it says June 9 on the official website, so.

Conan Exiles is in development for PC. No word on a launch date yet.