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Hi-Rez may have just released their most complex character yet in SMITE

by: Nathan -
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SMITE's newest patch is out and with it brings a new Fafnir, a new Norse Guardian to the game and some cool skins. 

Let's talk about Fafnir. First off his passive is called "Endless Greed". Simply put, he gains 4 extra gold for pretty much everything he does and gains extra protections for the gold he is holding. Okay, that right there is amazing in itself.

  • In his first ability, he throws his hammer forward and stuns any enemies he hits and slows them. 
  • In his second ability he boosts teammates attack speed and he heals himself. 
  • In his third ability is a leap which will disarm enemies if he hits them. 

His ultimate ability turns him into a gigantic freaking dragon! While in dragon form, he cannot be targeted and any enemies near Fafnir are poisoned. That's not it though, He can also use his first three abilities again while in dragon form.

In dragon form, his first ability now applies tick damage and shreds protections, his second ability can a larger area of effect and can buff multiple teammates and his third ability can now apply tick damage and stun enemies. 

Wow just.... Man, Hi-Rez has been doing an amazing job with bringing new abilities and new gameplay elements into the newest god's they introduce but this is really something else. They really outdid themselves this time. 

In terms of skins, Aphrodite has a new skin called "Aphra Cababra" Aphrodite and Skadi has a new skin called "Ski Patrol" Skadi. 

Lastly, Ravana and Sobek get their Tier 2 skins and Jing-Wei is getting her mastery skins. 

For the full list of patch notes, be sure to check out SMITE's official website.

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