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Persona 5 gets a release date in North America

by: Nathan -
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The release date for Persona 5 in North America has finally been announced and it looks like we are gonna be waiting a little longer than we hoped. Persona 5 will launch on February 14th 2017 on the PS3 and PS4. 

Some special editions were already announced as well. 

First up, the game will cost $59.99 for the PS4 version and $49.99 for the PS3 version. Anyone who pre-orders will get a limited SteelBook when the game launches. 

There will also be a "Take Your Heart" special edition which will include the following...

  • SteelBook case
  • 4" Morgana Plushie 
  • 64 page hardcover artbook 
  • A full-sized Shujin Academy replica school bag
  • A Soundtrack CD
  • A collectible box 

The Take Your Heart edition is available for $89.99 and is only available on the PS4. They are currently available to pre-order on 

I wasn't expecting that we were going to get the game on the day as Japan, but man I really wasn't expecting the release to be that far away. To say I'm really disappointed right now is an understatement. It can't be helped I guess and as of now it seems like it won't be releasing a long side a ton of other games like it would have like it would have it released in September. 


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