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Let's check out some Street Fighter V mods. Part 2

by: Nathan -
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Last weekend, Capcom finally let everyone know who the next DLC character to join Street Fighter V was going to be and we found out that it was Ibuki. Then Capcom proceeded to blue ball everyone by then announcing on May 31st that she would be released with the story mode update at the end of June.

Seriously? You couldn't let us know this ahead of time? Capcom already announced that a character was coming in May so everyone assumed it was Ibuki, but to wait until the last day of the month to announce she was delayed was some BS. That would be like if Microsoft announced that Gears of War 4 was delayed for one month the day the game is supposed to be released.

It is what it is I guess so let's take at some more mods for the PC version of Street Fighter V. This time up we have a pair of wrestling themed skins and some alternate skins from previous games. All of these mods were taken from Reddit's r/streetfightermods sub reddit which includes a handy directory with all of the mods features as well as tutorials and tools to get you modding Street Fighter V yourself. 

Mika - First up we have "Red Cyclone" R. Mika from TheJAMK and I have to say that this may be one of my favorite mods so far and this mod switches Mika's normal wrestling attire for that of her mentor, Zangief. When paired with the mod that replaces Nadeshiko with Zangief, these two make for an awesome tag team. 

Laura - Laura also has a wrestling costume called "Laura Wrestling Costume" and this mod was also created by TheJAMK. 

Cammy - Personally I prefer Street Fighter Alpha Cammy, or Killer Bee as she was in that timeline of the game, to normal Cammy. If you also prefer Killer Bee to Cammy, then the "Alpha Cammy" mod by MrTheBull will swap out her default attire to her Street Fighter Alpha attire. 

Ryu - Looks like Ryu wasn't able to keep his rage in check because Evil Ryu is back. Well as a skin mod at least and the "Evil Ryu" mod is from moddah. 

Rashid - Damn, Rashid looks good with a bald head. As you could expect, this is the "Rashid Shaved Head" mod by bajm