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World of Tanks takes a page out of vehicular football and ups the ante with tank football

by: Sean Cahill -
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Now this is a sport we can all get behind.

World of Tanks is taking a page out of the playbook that has made Rocket League an incredible success by upping the ante and throwing caution into the wind. Yes, Tank Football is now a thing and it's going to be wonderful. announced today that the wildly popular, free-to-play simulator is going to be hosting a special tournament that is simple: 3v3 and score the most goals. This is how you get attention and keep things fresh in a game that's already a ton of fun.

This tournament is running from June 10 to July 10, which you may recognize those dates as the timeframe the 2016 European Championships are on for UEFA nations. Wargaming certainly knows how to celebrate as players who join in the fun will be credited with a unique T-62a Sport and a free garage slot. Plain and simple, you'll choose that tank any time you want to jump into the fun and you're ready to go.

To clear things up, tanks are not going to be able to damage one another and will, essentially, be invincible. This isn't about maiming your opposing team and kicking the ball into an open net. It will require precision shots and a lot of team work. It's also going to be insanely fun!


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