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Street Fighter V's next DLC character is finally revealed. Welcome back, Ibuki!

by: Nathan -
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First off, congratulations to Justin Wong, your Combo Breaker 2016 Street Fighter champion. Second, we knew that Capcom was going to reveal something cool and most were figuring that it was going to be the DLC character for the next update. I mean, they are cutting it kinda close here. May ends on Tuesday and only now are we hearing about it, so I'm not even sure if we are going to get a May update.

In any case, the wait was well worth it because oh my good lord, Ibuki is back on the scene and damnit she looks incredible. She has all of her normal moves you know and love and it looks like she's got some new tricks up her sleeve as well such as being able to hang glide in the air and what looks like her V-Trigger skill which lets her drop bombs on the arena floor. I also love how her new look is pretty much a combination of her ninja uniform and her school uniform. One down, one to go for me as Ibuki and Juri were my mains in Street Fighter IV and I could not be happier with Ibuki in Street Fighter V. 

No word yet on a release date or anything else coming in the update so she might not even be coming in May but I hope those details will be released very shortly.