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New details emerge about 2017 Mega Man animated series and...oh boy.

by: Russell -
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I am a huge fan of Mega Man.  I've enjoyed most of the games and even the Ruby Spears animated series from the 90s (cheesy as it was).  However, when I heard a while back that a new Mega Man animated series was going to be produced for 2017, naturally I was pretty excited about it, though we had no details...until now.  A friend on Facebook posted a link to a post on the Capcom Unity Forums where some new details had been revealed about the series.  After reading that post my excitement is starting to turn towards skepticism.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that the series has to be based off of the classic games.  After all, we have had animated series based off of Battle Network and Starforce.  However, the description given kind of sounds like a mix of Mega Man and "My Life As a Teenage Robot".  The description talks about how the series will follow the adventures of Aki Light (Mega Man) as he faces threats to Silicon City while keeping his identity a secret and maintain a normal robot schoolkid life.

I'm not bashing the concept; quite the opposite in fact.  I'm really curious as to how this will play out.  My only concern is that they try to take this series and say "this is the same Mega Man that you remember from the classic games".  If they instead pull a Battle Network/Starforce and make this series it's own entity in the franchise, that I could get behind.  Just don't try to completely rewrite the story from how we've known it for nearly thirty years.

Original Source: Capcom Unity Blogs.

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