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Battleborn's first DLC character launches today

by: Nathan -
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Battleborn has been off and running for a few weeks now and while I have been having tons of fun in the game, so many small things can pop up and kill that fun. You can read more about that in my review. Anyways the post launch content for Battleborn starts to roll out today with Alani, the first of five DLC characters that will be released in game. 

Alani will be unlocked for free via a hero key if you own the season pass or if you played in the open beta for Playstation 4. For those who don't own the season pass, she will be available in game to purchase for 47,500 credits on May 31st. Don't worry the credits are not microtransaction credits, they can be earned for free in game by completing matches and challenges. Better start grinding however cause it can take quite some time to earn that 47,500. 

Here is the rundown of her info and her abilities. 

  • Name: Alani
  • Faction: Eldrid
  • Class: Healer, controller 
  • Skill Level: Complex 

Torrent - Alani hurls water bolts using Ket, her order’s martial art. Successful hits increase stacks of Osmosis.

Wellspring - Envelops a single friendly target in water, healing them. If untargeted, Wellspring heals Alani for half the amount. Heal amount is increased by Osmosis stacks.

Riptide - Hurls a wave that deals 67 damage, pushes away enemies, and leaves a trail of water that hastens allies. Riptide’s trail of water lasts for 3 seconds.

Geyser - Alani causes a groundswell to erupt at a targeted location, knocking enemies into the air, dealing damage, and binding them for 1 second.

Emergence (ultimate) - Marks a target enemy or location, summoning a water dragon that deals up to 167 damage and 251 damage over 4 seconds to enemies caught in its wake.

Osmosis (passive) - Successful hits with Torrent hone Alani’s connection to the water, generating up to 3 Osmosis stacks and increasing the healing power of Wellspring.

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