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Gran Turismo Sport: The most innovative Gran Turismo yet?

by: Aidan -
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Gran Turismo Sport promises to be the most accurate driving simulator yet. According to CEO of Polyphony Digital, Kazunori Yamauchi, Gran Turismo Sport will be the most innovative since its original, Gran Turismo. Release date: November 15th 2016.

Gran Turismo will provide both online and offline facilities for players to test their mettle. Included in the offline mode are 137 challenges. The game will feature 130+ vehicles. They're categorised into GR.4 to GR.1 which can be driven on one of the 27 tracks, spread throughout 19 locations.

Before you adjust your crash helmet and rocket into the side of the closest multi-million dollar car, you must complete a course on "Racing Etiquette"...indubitably! After that, you can chose to represent a nation or manufacturer during your online endeavours. 

Why not try one of the tracks sanctioned by one the biggest authorities in racing, The Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA).

Social Hub? Yes please! 

Each player will have a news feed and a homepage to view and show their accomplishments and credits. There is even a companion application in development, just in case your friends missed the pleasant phrases you threw at them when you trashed their records. 

You can find pre-order details here.

Or watch the pre-season event held in London on the 19th here.

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