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Someone has made a Grand Theft Auto VR mod

by: John -
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There's been many folks in the VR community wanting a way to play Grand Theft Auto V using an Oculus Rift or an HTC Vive with decoupled aiming. Well, someone has gone out and did just that.

You can grab the mod here and there are instructions on what else you'll need to install to get it running. It's in alpha so don't expect a smooth experience and it's just for the Oculus Rift for now. Nevertheless, you'll be able to strap on the HMD and aim one way while walking another way. 

Driving or flying should also be pretty fantastic as those two types of games lend itself well to VR.

I can't wait for HTC Vive support where you can physically duck behind cover and use the controllers to shoot the guns. Let's hope this project keeps going and doesn't get abandoned.