KoF XIV introduces Team Japan

by: Jeremy -
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SNK has released a new trailer for their upcoming fighter, King of Fighters XIV. The latest trailer, shown below, introduces fans to the lineup that will make up Team Japan in the game. The team will consist of classic characters Kyo, Benimaru, and Daimon.  Fans have played as these three before but can look forward to seeing these new, updated versions of the characters in the new game.

King of Fighters XIV will bring a roster of more than 50 characters to the PlayStation 4 on August. This lineup includes 19 all new characters making their debut. You will be able to play through a deep storyline adventure on your own or fight against the best in the world online. As you will see below, the game looks fantastic thanks to the new visual style. Much like the recent Street Fighter and Guilty Gear games, the players will be fully rendered in 3D but presented on a 2D plain. The result is an absolutely gorgeous presentation that is a joy to watch in action.

KoF XIV will be available on August 23, 2016.