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Udon's Street Fighter Unlimited series is getting the hardcover treatment this summer

by: Nathan -
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While a lot of people play Street Fighter and other fighting games for... well the fighting, I personally have been playing and enjoying these games for years for not only the fighting but for the story as well.

I know I'm probably the only person in the world that cares about story in Street Fighter but I just love all of the characters and the lore of the universe as well. Unfortunately, you won't get much story from the games themselves and that is perfectly fine, but for those who are interested in the story of Street Fighter, Udon's fantastic comic book series is there to help fill in those blanks for you. Technically these comics aren't 100% canon but as far as I am concerned they are because you will get way more story from these than you will from the games. 

Anyways, this summer, Udon is giving their "Street Fighter Unlimited" series the hardcover treatment. The first volume of Street Fighter Unlimited will collect the first four issues of the comic and will also include bonus content. Street Fighter Unlimited takes characters from all era's of Street Fighter and puts them in a brand new story with Ryu setting out on a journey to control the Satsui no Hadou within him and Guile, Cammy and Chun-Li confront the remnants of Shadaloo.

Street Fighter Unlimited Vol 1 will be available in July 2016 for $29.99 

Preview pages for the comic can be found at their official website.