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by: Nathan -
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Doom returns this Friday and Bethesda has released what will probably the last trailer before release. In this video, Executive Director Marty Stratton and Creative Director Hugo Martin give us a behind the scenes look at what when into creating this new Doom experience. 

The one thing I took away from this video was at 2:20 we see demons all over the place and this is the one thing I was hoping they would bring back in this new Doom. The one thing that disappointed me the most about Doom 3 was how slow it was, and how the few and far between the demon appearances were. This game however looks like it's going to be nonstop madness where you are going to have to strafe like a madman to stay alive. I was really skeptical about this when it was first revealed, but all my worries are gone at this point. 

Doom releases this Friday the 13th on PS4, Xbox One and PC.