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Dark Souls 3 ships 3 million copies; series has now shipped 13 million

by: Chapel -
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Dark Souls has become a major series. In light of the recent polarity of popularity between Battlefield 1 and Infinite Warfare, seeing the news that Dark Souls 3 has shipped 3 million units adds to the general atmosphere of hope for new, original video games.

Dark Souls has always been an interesting series to watch become popular, as the nature of the game is that it is inherently difficult to get into. But gamers are smart people, and we like smart games, something Dark Souls has always been.

For comparison, Dark Souls has sold around 5.6 million and Dark Souls 2, including Scholar of the First Sin, has sold 2.9 million. Dark Souls 3 became the fastest selling Bandai Namco game of all time shortly after release, as well.

Let's hear it for the enduring success of great, original games.

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