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Battlefield 1 trailer now the most liked trailer of all time

by: Chapel -
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Isn't this great? Forbes published data that says the Battlefield 1 trailer is now the most liked trailer of all time on YouTube. That extends beyond video games, as well, and includes movies, shows, whatever you've got.

Meanwhile, the Infinite Warfare trailer sits as the most disliked video game video of all time, as well as the fourth most disliked video in general of all time.

These sorts of metrics represent nothing more than a bandwagon in most cases. I think the weird amount of hate for the mediocre, but, dare I say it, not god-awful trailer for the new Ghostbusters movie is a good example of hivemind downvotes.

It shouldn't be discredited either, however, and in this case I think is a really interesting commentary on the state of games and yearly releases. Call of Duty has been peddling the same thing for years, and look how it was received. Battlefield does something barely anyone has done before, certainly at this scale, and everyone goes nuts for it. It's always great to see original ideas being well received, in order to encourage others to be original as well.

You can watch the greatest trailer of all time below.