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A storm is brewing on the battlefield. Susano joins the cast of SMITE in the next patch

by: Nathan -
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A new patch for SMITE is coming this week and with it brings our third Japanese god into the game. This time, Amaterasu's younger brother Susano is joining the battle.

Susano, "God of the Summer Storm" will fill the Assassin role. As with most of the new gods they have been introducing, Susano will also have some new mechanics with his abilities. His first attack allows him to attack three times in succession. The first attack is in a cone, the second attack is in a circle and his last attack is a dash forward. His ultimate attack also has a new version of crowd control. Susano summons a tornado that pulls enemies into the center. He can then activate the ability again to launch the tornado in the direction he is facing. With that kind of crowd control, I am wondering if will some players use Susano in the support role in the duo lane. 

In terms of skins, Apollo and Janus will be getting new threads this patch as will get the "Vicious" Apollo and "Riftshaker" Janus skins. 

They will also be introducing another skin bundle into the game with the "Joki" Loki skin and the "Last Laugh" Loki skin. The way these work is that if you buy the Joki Loki skin, you will get the Last Laugh skin free. However, this bundle will only be available for a limited time and once the promotion is over on May 24th, you won't be able to get Last Laugh Loki anymore. 

Other skins include the "Jag.Rar" Xbalanque skin which is the next in the line of Tron or Cyber Punk based skins like the Run.Exe Mercury skin. 

Finally, Nemesis gets her Tier 2 skin and Raijin is getting his mastery skins. 

For the full list of patch notes, including the changes to the jungle and all the buffs and nerfs, be sure to check out SMITE's official website. 

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