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Battlefield 1 beats Infinite Warfare in a battle of debut trailers

by: Randy -
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The debut trailer for Battlefield 1 just hit, and it's a blockbuster—if trailers themselves can be blockbusters. In 1:19, Battlefield 1 shows off: mace and shovel melee attacks, desert riders, tail gunners, "Curse you, Red Baron" biplanes (and triplanes), medieval fortifications, tanks, jungle warfare, maps big enough for zeppelin air battles, trenches, trench mouth, trench foot, flamethrowers, hype trains, battleships, mortars, artillery, tinitus, and Jack Black rocking "Seven Nation Army."

Holy mother, EA DICE just cracked open a capsule of smelling salts for first-person shooters. Especially as modern/advanced/futurist warfare fatigue appears to be settling in on this generation of gamers (but hey, you decide). Regardless, heading back to World War I is a cool move for a series that got its start in WWII. Don't get me wrong, this is some high-fantasy warfare here. It's a dieselpunk dream come true. Looks pretty much amazing.

Battlefield 1 is here in a little over five months on October 21. It's will simul-launch on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.