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Persona 5 releases on September 15th in Japan

by: Nathan -
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The wait is almost over. Well, for Japan at least. A few weeks ago a mysterious countdown appeared on the official Persona 5 website for Japan and fans have speculated what exactly they were counting down to. We finally have our answer. After numerous delays and around 8 months or so of no info, Atlus finally pulled back the curtain and revealed that Persona 5 will launch in Japan on September 15th.

As expect the entire stream was in Japanese so I am just basing this on what I assume I observed but the live stream did debut a brand new trailer for the game and I think at this point we have out final cast as some new party members were revealed including a girl on a motorcycle, and a hacker girl who looks like she may act as the navigator of the group. 

They also announced a collectors edition with an art book, a soundtrack featuring music from the entire series, In game Persona DLC featuring the Persona's of the main characters from previous games, Gekkoukan DLC outfits, and Yosagami High DLC outfits. Keep in mind that this collectors edition will most likely be for Japan only. I'm sure the West will get a collectors edition as well but it will probably be different. 

My hype is absolutely through the roof. I absolutely adore the Persona games I have waiting for this for years. It's nice to finally have some kind of closure as we finally know when the game is coming out. Now all that's left is to wait for the North American release date and it will be smooth sailing from then on out. 


Images courtesy of Persona Central

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