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Battleborn Tap available now on iOS and Google Play

by: Rob -
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Apps are everywhere. While the obvious application of the mobile phenomenon for game developers is simply to make games for mobile devices, many in the industry are using apps to create unique ways to augment and enhance the console gaming experience. The Playstation Messages app, for example, provides a general outlet to keep the chat going while not having to remove focus from the game itself. Another, Ishtar Commander, just might be the best thing to happen to Destiny.

2K and Gearbox are joining the ranks offering a companion app to their upcoming FPS MOBA, Battleborn. The app, Battleborn Tap, is available for iOS and Google and will let you command and upgrade your characters, earn new gear and abilities, earn in-game achievements, and unlock exclusive rewards. More information is available at the official site or just check out the trailer below.

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