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Mass Effect ride opening on May 18th

by: Chuck -
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Movie and TV show based theme park rides are nothing new but the folks at the Great America in California are doing something different as they will be opening up a Mass Effect ride on May 18th.  The ride is being billed as a "4D holographic experience" but the actual the details of what you'll be able to experience when the ride opens are sparse.  

If I had to hazard a guess I would imagine that it's something akin to the Star Tours ride at the Disney Theme parks where audiences are in a motion driven booth that moves according to what's on the screen.  The nice thing about this type of ride is that there are several different paths available in the ride so each ride will be a little different than the last and it allows the creators to add new content.  For example, the ride could get new segments based on Mass Effect: Andromeda when it is released next year.

Let's just hope that the ride ends a bit better than Mass Effect 3.

Source: Engadget