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Get double XP in Killing Floor 2 all weekend

by: Sean Colleli -
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I remember how crucial it was in the original Killing Floor to level up abilities, and how excruciatingly long it took. It's just as important in Killing Floor 2, Tripwire's sequel that is currently in early access. Thankfully, all this weekend (and ending Monday at 1PM EST) you will score double XP during a promotional event. This will probably garner some good will for the title, which some fans feel has been in early access too long. Even more fans are concerned that Tripwire have added a new mode that lets you play as zeds so close to the game's supposed release. To be honest I have also been reticent to pull the trigger on Killing Floor 2, but considering how many hours I logged on the first one I might be tempted during the Steam summer sale.


Tripwire Interactive is proud to announce a special event for its highly successful co-op sci-fi horror FPS PC title, KILLING FLOOR 2! Starting Thursday, April 28th at 10AM PST / 1PM EST through Monday, May 2nd at 10AM PST / 1PM EST, participating players will be able to earn double XP for all perks. In addition, the item drop rate will be increased to once every 24 hours during this time period ?? a rare opportunity for fans to pick up must-have items.

After the recent inclusion of the Killing Floor franchise??s first ever Versus Survival PvP game mode where players have the option between taking control of either a deadly Zed or human hell-bent on survival, there has never been a better time to take advantage of this limited time event!

Also available now on Steam Workshop is the unexplored world of The Museum. In this brand new map created by Tripwire??s very own level designer, Matthew 'Fever' Lefevere, blood-thirsty Zeds lurk around each and every corner. Who will be brave enough to survive a night at The Museum?

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