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This years SMITE SPL charity stream is for Allied

by: Nathan -
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Last year Hi-Rez held a SMITE Pro League event called the "Spring Fling" which raised money to donate to charity and it was very successful. Today, Hi-Rez is holding it's second annual Spring Fling event from their offices in Alpharetta Georgia and will include tons of guest appearances and opportunities for the viewers to donate. This year, 100% of the of the donations will be go to David "Allied" Hance to help with his battle with cancer. 

The SPL Spring Fling will start at 1PM and will run until 7PM. You can see all of the fun at SMITE's official Twitch page. 

Here is just a small sample of all the donation rewards. A full list can be found on their official website.

$10 - you can choose two people to arm wrestle, choose something for someone to wear

$25 - Choose two people to compete and the loser gets ballooned, Have a roach crawl on someone 

$50 - Make someone bob for beef, 

$100+ - Choose someone to eat a bug 

There are also stretch goals for total donations such as Live memes with F. at $5000 and Drybear will cast an SPL game if they get to $15000

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