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The Lore of No Man's Sky

by: Sean Colleli -
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No Man's Sky is big. Really, really big. And with a game that spans over 18 quintillion planets, you need some kind of narrative to string all that together. That's why Hello Games got Dave Gibbons--yes, that Dave Gibbons, Watchmen Dave Gibbons--to ink a short graphic novel to go with the special edition of the game.

They also got noted scifi author James Swallow to script out the comic. It's pretty cool that Gibbons and Swallow are informing the plot of the actual game--they'll ask a question, and director Sean Murray will have to figure out how to answer it within the game world. In that respect, No Man's Sky is being influenced by some of the modern luminaries of the science fiction genre. Check out the full IGN First video below.