IGN finds a cool Doom Easter egg

by: Sean Colleli -
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Doom is a scant few weeks away, and id is pulling the curtain back a bit more. In this video IGN sits down with director Marty Stratton and he clues them in on a nostalgic little Easter egg early in the game. Surprise! It's a section of the old Doom 1 level Nuclear Plant, complete with classic textures and music. What's really cool is that this section was itself a secret area in the original game.

While both Rage and Wolfenstein: the New Order had a couple throwback secret levels that mimicked areas from their 90s predecessors, supposedly Doom will have a whole lot more. According to Stratton each level in the new game will have one of these secrets, ranging from a single classic room to a bigger section like the one showcased here.

The best part? Finding these secrets unlocks the whole level for play on the main menu! My hype for Doom was at 100% before. I feel like I found a Soul Sphere with this video and pushed my hype to 200%. Doom launches on May 13th. 

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