King of Fighters XIV launches on August 23rd

by: Nathan -
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The tournament is about to begin again and soon as ATLUS has given us the release date for King of Fighters XIV and it's coming in August. 

The King of Fighters series has almost always had a 2D arcade feel with it's sprite based graphics. King Of Fighters XIV are all now presented in 3D and from the trailers I have watched, it all looks soooo good. Other additions in KOF XIV are 19 brand new characters and a revamped online mode including the new Party Battle system. 

Of course, like most games, there is also a special pre-order/Day One edition of the game which will contain a special SteelBook emblazoned with Kyo Kusanangi on the cover. In addition, the Classic Kyo DLC costume will be free to download on PSN for one week after the games launch.

King of Fighters XIV will launch on August 23rd for the Playstation 4. I just hope a PC version of the game will also show up seeing as KOF XIII is on Steam right now.